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2GIG Technologies Overview

Notable Features of the GO!Control System From 2GIG Technologies

• Wireless sensors (no cables)

• Color touch screen display

• Built-in speaker phone for talking with the alarm service provider (optional service)

• 24-hour backup battery (with optional battery)

• Multiple user codes

• Alarm service via cell service and/or land line (so bad guys can't cut your cell connection)

• Remote arming, disarming, and sensor notification via most cell phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

• Remote arming, disarming, and sensor notification via cell phone

• Secure website access (with paid interactive service plan)

• Arming and disarming via wireless key fob (similar to how you unlock a car with a remote)

• Smoke/fire/flood alarm relay capability (with purchase of optional sensors)

• Optional GSM radio module

• Over-the-air update functionality

• Weather information display (with GSM radio)

2GIG Technologies Logo

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