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Photograph of a burglar's gloved hand on a door handle.

Security Statistics You Should Know


Here are some informative statistics about alarm systems and home burglaries.


•  Over 2 Million homes are burglarized each year.

•  One in three burglaries occurs through an open/unlocked door or window.

•  Two thirds of burglaries in the United States occur at a residence.

•  There is a home burglary, on average, every 13 seconds.

•  Homes without an alarm system are 3x more likely to be burglarized.

•  Less than 20% of homes in the United States have an alarm system installed.

•  Most burglaries occur during the day when no one is home.

•  Installing a home alarm system can greatly reduce your chances of a burglary.

•  According to the FBI, a break-in is the most common threat to a residence.

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